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LC Call #TA455.C43 D48 2011
AuthorDeublein, Dieter
TitleBiogas from waste and renewable resources : an introduction / Dieter Deublein and Angelika Steinhauser
Edition2nd ed, revised and expanded ed
Published/CreatedWeinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2011
Physical Descriptionxxviii,550p. : ill.
 Biogas industry
 Refuse as fuel
 Waste products as fuel
 Biomass energy
 Renewable energy sources
Added AuthorSteinhauser, Angelika
Content1. Energy supply-today and in the future -- 2. Energy supply in the future-scenarios -- 3. Potential for transforming biomass into end-point energy sources -- 4. History and status to date in Europe -- 5. History and status to date worldwide -- 6. General aspects of the recovery of biomass in the future -- 7. Substrate -- 8. Biogas -- 9. Biochemistry -- 10. Bioreactions -- 11. Process parameters -- pt. 4. Microorganisms in methanogenic ecosystems. 12. Methanogenic ecosystems -- 13. Microorganisms in methanation -- 14. Guidelines and regulations -- 15. The biogas laboratory -- 16. Tanks and bioreactors -- 17. Equipment for tempering the substrate - - 18. Thermal insulation -- 19. Agitators -- 20. Mixing of biomass and water -- 21. Machines to separate the liquid from the biomass -- 22. Pipes -- 23. Pumps -- 24. Measurement, control, and automation technology -- 25. Exhaust air cleaning -- 26. Transportation and storage of the biomass -- 27. Process technology for upstream processing -- 28. Feeding -- 29. Digested residue -- 30. Wastewater -- 31. Batchwise and continuous processes without separators -- 32. Existing installations from different suppliers -- 33. Operation of a plant without separation equipment -- 34. Benefits of a biogas plant -- 35. Typical design calculation for an agricultural biogas plant -- 36. Economics calculations for biogas plants -- 37. Efficiency -- 38. Installation with substrate dilution and subsequent water separation -- 39. Installation with biomass accumulation -- 40.Plants with separation of non- hydrolyzable biomass -- 41. Percolation process -- 42. Special plant installations -- 43. Biogasholder -- 44. Gas preparation -- 45. Quantities of gas and measurement of gas quality -- 46. Liquefaction or compression of the biogas -- 47. Utilization of gas exclusively to generate heat -- 48. Utilization of gas to generate current and heat -- 49. Biogas for feeding into the natural gas network -- 50. Biogas as fuel for vehicles
summaryDesigned as a practical introduction to biogas plant design and operation, the author covers both the biological and technical aspects of biogas generation. The full range of biogas substrates and processing modes is explained, from agricultural and industrial waste to marine algae and sediment. On-site use of biogas for conversion into electricity, fuel and heat is also discussed, as are safety and regulatory issues. Dozens of real-life examples of European biogas plants already in operation illustrate the contents, as do numerous schemes, diagrams and summary tables. For the new edition, the authors have included recent advances in the processing of biomass that allows a greater range of substrates to be used, biogas analytics and quality control required for feeding biogas into natural gas networks, and a completely new chapter on the microbiology of biogas-producing bacterial communities
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