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Material Type Books
LC Call #TX551 P45 2010
AuthorPennington, Jean A. Thompson
TitleBowes & Church's food values of portions commonly used / Jean A.T. Pennington and Judith Spungen
Var. TitleBowes and Church's food values of portions commonly used
 Food values of portions commonly used
Edition19th ed
Published/CreatedPhiladelphia, PA : Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, c2010
Physical Descriptionxl, 425 p. ; 28 cm
SubjectNutrition -- Tables
 Food -- Composition -- Tables
 Nutritive Value -- Tables
 Food Analysis -- statistics & numerical data -- Tables
 Nutritional Physiological Phenomena -- Tables
Added AuthorSpungen, Judith
ContentBeverages -- Candy -- Cereals and grains, cooked -- Cereals, ready-to-eat -- Cheese, cheese products, and cheese substitutes -- Creams and creamers (cream substitutes) -- Desserts -- Eggs, egg dishes, and egg substitutes -- Entrees and meals -- Fast food and restaurant foods -- Fats, oils, shortenings, and spreads -- Fish and seafood -- Flour, meals, and grain fractions --Fruit and vegetable juices and juice drinks -- Fruits -- Grain- and vegetable-based snack foods -- Grain products -- Infant, junior, and toddler foods -- Meats -- Meats, luncheon and snack -- Meat substitutes, tofu, and related soy products -- Milks, milk beverages, and yogurt -- Nuts and seeds -- Poultry -- Salad dressings -- Sauces, gravies,and condiments -- Soups -- Spices, herbs, and flavorings -- Sugars, syrups, and other sweeteners -- Vegetables and vegetable dishes -- Miscellaneous food ingredients -- Special dietary foods
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