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Material Type Books
LC Call #QC174.17.P7 C65 2015
AuthorColeman, Piers
TitleIntroduction to many-body physics / Piers Coleman
Edition1st ed.
Published/CreatedCambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015
Physical Descriptionxv, 796 pages : color illustrations
SubjectMany-body problem
 Condensed matter
ContentScales and complexity --Quantum fields --Conserved particles --Simple examples of second-quantization --Green's functions --Landau Fermi-liquid theory --Zero- temperature Feynman diagrams --Finite-temperature many-body physics --Fluctuation-dissipation and linear response theory --Electron transport theory --Phase transitions and broken symmetry --Path integrals --Path integrals and itinerant magnetism --Superconductivity and BCS theory --Retardation and anisotrophic pairing --Local moments and the Kondo effect --Heavy electrons --Mixed valence, fluctuationsand topology
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